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Prestaconnect : Connecteur pour automatiser les échanges dans le logiciel de gestion commerciale SAGE et le site e-commerce PRESTASHOP

A connection to your Sage 100c to your Prestashop store more simple rapide intuitive

Our Prestashop Connector automates all exchanges between your SAGE sales management software and your current or future PRESTASHOP e-commerce site.

Significant cost savings, as there's no need to re-enter data, which means no more data entry errors.

Better customer service because consumers have real-time stock information

This software is available for both BtoB and BtoC. In fact, 60% of our customers are wholesalers or distributors who want to offer their Pro customers more services.

Tracking of deliveries and work-in-progress, dematerialization of invoices and customer accounting statements directly available on their e-commerce website.

  • Transfer of items from Sage sales management to Prestashop
  • Management of descriptions, images and features from Sage
  • Four possible item types:
  • Standard Sage item = standard Prestashop item
  • Sage conditioning item = Prestashop item in attribute or standard mode
  • Sage item in assortment = Prestashop item in attribute
  • Composition item: ability to create a Prestashop item as an attribute from any Sage 100c or 100Cloud item type.



  • Transfer of Sage 100c sales management tariffs and customer exception tariffs to Prestashop
  • A Sage price category is equal to a Prestashop customer group.
  • Possibility of configuring the discounts you wish to apply to the site:
  • Customer discount
  • Item discount
  • Sage item family discount
  • Cumulative discount with Sage 100c category/family
  • Cumulative or cascade discount
  • Real-time Sage inventory synchronization on Prestashop
  • Multi-depot management
  • Possibility of grouping stock from several Sage depots on Prestashop


Order synchronization

  • Synchronize Prestashop quotes and orders with Sage
  • Update Prestashop order status according to document progress in Sage
  • Prestaconnect lets you dematerialize all Sage 100c invoices at no extra cost
  • Validated Sage 100c sales management invoices are transferred to the Prestashop customer area.

Invoice dematerialization Sage 100c

Open orders Sage 100c

  • You can activate the open orders module to transfer all current Sage documents and document lines, even if the document has not been created on the Prestashop site.
  • The purpose of this Prestashop for Sage module is to provide your customer with as much information as possible
  • Prestaconnect enables you to provide your customers with lettered and non-lettered accounting entries.
  • Each customer can view and track these invoices and payments (BtoB)

Accounting monitoring Sage 100c

Presentation video of Prestaconnect

to discover the software that is essential for linking Sage and Prestashop

Are you interested in a demo?

If you are a small or medium-sized business and would like to know whether the Prestaconnect interface meets your expectations, or if you would like to find out more about the software that serves as the gateway between Prestashop and Sage before making up your mind?
An Alternetis consultant is always happy to assist you
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